Magic of Line

The line is charming and torment.
She’s pull and guide after herself.
We with her is one thing. We are the same (idem).
Is she gliding from my hand, or I’m her leader.
She’s free to turn,
As fingers quavered,
As my thoughts’ll suggest to her,
But may be, as she’ll like it.

She is my fantasy.
She is a flight.
She is weaving
Ornaments from wire.
Shi’ll bind an animal (from letter)
And the animal is tie by a letter.
Moving and resting
Drive it by a hand, close your eyes.

She is relateing an ancient myth.
And predict (foretell, forecast; prophesy) the destiny (fate, fortune, lot) on the hand.
entangle (in) (ensnare) and bind (tie together, connect (with), join) different train (sequence, file) of event (occurrence; doings).
Embrace (arms) and of beards flight (flying),
And horisont,
Under the upset,
The road is going away.

Who’ll explain her magic ligature,
Whill find unvisible connections of things
Whill untwist the knot (junction)
By a single thread?
What for? May be it’s batter to leave everything
As it was (at its place)...
Or unrave (disentangle|) and clew up.

Dvizhenie Kamni
Interpreter: aRg_pg, Yury Korostelev, Evgenia Innokentievna Koroleva, Anna Rogulina